Photo of the giant Buddha in Koh SamuiAlways remove your shoes before entry to a household; it is considered rude not to do so in Thailand.

In Thailand temples play an important role in everyday life for Thai people. People go to the temple for merit making and praying to the Buddha for things such as good health, good fortune and wealth and to seek advice from monks.

Thai temples area called “Wat”, meaning temple, this term refers to the temple complex consisting of various buildings like the Ubosot (ordination hall), the Viharn where important Buddha images are kept and a Chedi, where Buddhist relics are enshrined.

The most important and sacred temple in Thailand is the Wat Phra Kaew temple, located on the grounds of the Grand Palace in Bangkok. This temple holds the emerald Buddha, the most sacred and revered Buddha image in Thailand.

Some of the most important and best known temples are located in the capitol Bangkok, such as the Wat Pho (the temple of the Reclining Buddha), the Wat Arun (the temple of Dawn), the Wat Mahathat and the Wat Suthat.

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