Eating Out

1) BRAKE TAEK (Noodle Soup)
Serves a delicious and renown ‘Tom Yam Noodle Soup’. Here too, hard to get a table for lunch and you might have to wait quite a bit.

2) MEE TON PHO (Bhodi Tree Noodle)
Serving great noodle soups using… Instant Noodles! as well as some amazing porridge. Half the restaurant is full before they even can take the first order, so get ready to wait, but it’s worth it!

3) ANG SEAFOOD (Fresh Seafood)
It looks small and narrow, but once inside it’s much bigger than you think. Very popular among locals and always full (hard to get a parking).

This very local food court was renovated not long ago and doesn’t appears as ‘old and dirty’ as it used to be (I kind of miss that). But they still serve their great food.

5) THAI POTHONG (Modern Thai)
Small and crowded, it’s an all time breakfast favourite, it is always full, no exceptions, you’ll have to wait for someone to finish breakfast to jump on their ‘not yet cleaned’ table or you’ll be missing it.

Food Hawkers – tasty treats on every corner!

A picture of a local Thai street vendorOne of the best things about travelling in Thailand is the food. It is not only delicious, but it is also plentiful and cheap. In fact, you can find it on almost any street corner at any time of day or night. I guess you become spoilt in Thailand in having such easy access to Thai food. After all, one meal in a Thai restaurant in Sydney would probably be the same as the Thai weekly food budget. I know that is not really fair to compare as portion sizes in the West are far greater than what is served in Thailand. In addition, if you order say chicken curry in a Sydney restaurant you are actually going to get a fair amount of meat. Here you will probably get a lot of bone and a bit of meat! Basically you get what you pay for.